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Electronic | Computer | Experimental Sound Artist

Art Publication | Print //

2019-2021 Book "ELECTRONIC HAIKU" [work in progress]
20140501 CODE - SOUND Artwork [PINK/PUNK] published in "M&D JOURNAL OF ARTS" book 2014 - Chicago/IL - USA
20130413 CODE - SOUND Artwork [BANG- ReWORKED] a part of the work published in SARAI Reader 09 Book "Projections" Curated by : Raqs Media Collective, CSDS Sarai, Devi Art Foundation -New Delhi/India,

Music|Soundwork //

2020-2021 : ELECTRONIC MEDITATIONS [Body of electronic, non computer composition based on sustained sounds, cognitive audio perceptions, glitch ...]
[Ear Splitting Timbre] Installation @ UNESCO Limited Edition CD audio - SOLD OUT . Soundtrack album distributed in art gallery bookshops and independant record stores in Paris:Palais de Tokyo , Agnès B - Galerie du Jour, Galerie Artcurial, My Electro Kitchen, Souffle Continu 

Project : Livecode performances //

20121122 Computer Arts Congress 3 @ Le Centre 104, (Organised by CiTu Paragraphe: Laboratory of Cognition, language & Interaction, University Paris 8)
20120619 Gaité Lyrique (with : Thor Magnusson, Organised by : dev/art) Paris/France
20120614 [BRAIN/BOOT],[C'S LIMIT]@ Bains Numeriques, Center of Arts auditorium/France
20111124 Software Craftsmanship Meet Performance (Organiser - Arolla at Xebia France)
20111119 [C'S Limit] @ I-R-L Centre Mercoeur : Paris/France
20110930 DORKBOT#29 @ La Cantine Silicon Sentier, Paris/France
20110922 [Rudraveena] @ Y Gallery of Contemporary Art : Minsk/Belarus
20110519 [Known Pattern] @ Theatre Nuovo Cinema Aquila: Rome/Italy
20110319 [Known Pattern](Curated by Dimanche Rouge : avant garde performances/Paris)

Sound & Video Work //

20123016 [00100011111010 LAB] projected @ Lightworks Festival, Grimsby, Lincolnshire U.K.

Sound Performances | Concerts//

201101 Live feedback performance
for the art collective:  Larseneurs
201102 Mera Saaya track for International Email Audio Art Project
201101 VEhFdrop-Eiffel Tower : The USB key art project
201011 What Noise Annoys an Oyster? : Audio documentary for INA [Institut  National d'Audiovisuel] France
2010   Sound design @ GetSound designers / Paris
201006 Of Robots & Gods 2.0 @ Headphone Festival /Paris
201005 Of Robots & Gods [Livecode] Instants Chavirés/Paris
200909 Solar Powered concert [La general en Manufacture/Paris]
200907 Ear Splitting Timbre [Live Performance] @ Vaisseau Le Cleub/Paris.Visuals by KRMT [Resident L'Usine Geneva, Switzerland]
200907 IDM/ Electronic music DJ Set @ RitzBar, Paris
200906 Cohacking Space @ La Cantine Sillcon Sentier, Paris
200906:Bengal Soundscape @ La générale en Manufacture, Sèvres, France
200902 "Ear Splitting Timbre" sound installation  at  UNESCO/Paris.  Production : ARCHIPEL ART (société)
200806 Performances at Headphone festival/La Générale en Manufacture [France]
200905:Concert @ Cassiopia Club Berlin

2008   When it all fell down with contemporary artist Bryan  McCormack
1994 - 2001  Concerts & performances in India.

Study|Trainings //

Sound Technology Diploma [INA : Institut National d'Audiovisuel] Paris [France]
IRCAM Sound design, Paris [France]
Master's Degree in information&Communications from Institute of Comm.LyonIII
Trinity College of Music, London [U.K.]
Calcutta School of Music, [India]
Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, West Bengal, [India]


2012 : BEAUX ARTS MAGAZINE (JUIN)and BEAUX ARTS Special edition supplement
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2011 : Belarus National Primetime TV Interview
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