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“ELECTRONIC HAIKU” - DISTRIBUTORS WORLDWIDE : The following independent bookstores are carrying the book at this moment. :

Shakespeare & Co, Paris (France) - Souffle Continu, Paris (France) - Mendocino Book Co, CA (USA) - Copperfields Books, Inc., Spring/Klein, Texas (USA) - BookPeople, Austin TX (USA) - McNally Jackson Books, NYC (USA) - Writer's Block Bookstore, Orlando FL (USA) - Dymocks Books, (Australia) - Saxo (Denmark) - Otto BookStore Williamsport, PA (USA) - Rivendell Bookstore, Abilene Kansas (USA) - Rakestraw Books, Danville San Ramon Valley, CA (USA) - Quailridge Books, Raleigh NC (USA) - RivendellBookstore, KS (USA) - Hooked, Lansing MI (USA) - (South Africa) - Mighty Ape (New Zealand) - (Netherlands)

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